1. How do I determine how many rolls I need?
  2. How can I save paper on Wallpaper that has a large pattern?
  3. What happens when I want to redecorate?
  4. What does Paste the wall mean?
  5. What does Paste the paper mean?
  6. Why do seams show more on some papers?
  7. What do batch numbers mean?
  8. Can I hang Wallpaper myself?
  9. Can I get a sample?
  10. Returns

How do I determine how many rolls I need?

Easy! Just add your room/wall measurements into our easy to use calculator – this will give you an estimate based on your room.

How can I save paper on wallpaper that has a large pattern?

Try using two rolls at a time and switch rolls with each sheet.

What happens when I want to redecorate?

‘Paste the wall’ wallpapers peel off easily when it’s time to redecorate. Simply lift a corner at the base of the wall and peel upwards.

What does ‘Paste the wall’ mean?

‘Paste the wall’ papers allow you to apply your paste to the wall before hanging. By using ‘Paste the wall’ papers you can cut your decorating time plus there is less mess. You can still paste the back of ‘Paste the wall’ papers if you find this easier but there is no need to soak the paper with paste.

What does ‘Paste the paper’ mean?

‘Paste the paper’ wallpapers require the paste be left to soak. Apply the paste to the back of the paper and leave for about 5mins (do not leave any longer), this allows the paper to expand and adhere to the wall. These papers can be quite messy to ensure you are cleaning up as you go.

Why do Seams show more on some papers?

Seams show more on white or light papers, they also show more on a glossy paper. Make sure your seams are tight but not overlapped. Roll with a seam roller (on most papers). Always read the manufacturer instructions before hanging.

What do Batch numbers mean?

When wallpaper manufacturers make wallpaper they assign it a unique batch number so that rolls can be matched according to the time and date they were made. This is important as when wallpaper is made on different days slight variations can occur within the colouring that is beyond the manufacturer’s control. It is therefore very, very important when buying wallpaper that all your rolls of wallpaper of a particular design have the same batch number. Although rolls with different batch numbers may appear to be the same, once on a wall next to each other you will notice the slight differences. When ordering wallpaper from Crave Interiors we always sell matching batch numbers per order.

Can I hang wallpaper myself?

Yes you can, it is much easier now with ‘paste the wall’ papers. Simply download and print off our ‘How to’ guide. Otherwise there are many professional hangers available in your local directories, if you would prefer you can contact Crave Interiors at info@chuza.org for details of Professional hangers in your area.

Can I get a sample?

Samples are available on most of our ranges and are available free of charge.  please be advised that the samples are small so do give an accurate guide to colour and texture but NOT pattern.


Return of faulty goods – If you receive a product which is faulty in anyway, we will replace the item or give you a full refund at no extra cost. Always make sure that you check all wallpaper products for faults before and during hanging. If you do find a fault, return a sample of the product to the address below along with the original label. It may not be necessary to return the whole item so please contact us prior to sending.

Return of non-faulty goods – Refunds will not be given if you simply change your mind, for this reason we encourage the request of samples. If for some reason you need to return a non-faulty item, Crave Interiors will offer you a store credit on the purchases you wish to return providing that the product is returned to Crave Interiors within 7 days of you receiving it.

The returned products must be in re-saleable condition; meaning it is unopened and undamaged and has the original invoice returned with it. The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the goods as well as the cost of re-sending the replacement products.

Crave Interiors nor its suppliers, will not accept responsibility for labour costs, colour changes (hot spots), or discoloration due to additional paste, improper wall preparations or incorrect hanging. Crave Interiors will not accept any returns after 30 days from delivery.

Crave Interiors will not offer refunds or credits on over ordered wallpaper. Please note that sale items are final. We cannot accept returns on products that were purchased on sale. We do not accept returns without prior authorisation, if you would like to return a product, you must email for authorisation.